Dr. Trudy Moon

healthy by choice™

Dr. Trudy Moon Eisel, Media Kit

Being raised in a chiropractic family, it was engrained in me from a young age to be observant of people and notice details like their posture, behavior, habits, and the role they play in health– or lack of it.

I am grateful for the wisdom my father, Dr. George Moon, shared with me and believe it had an integral role in preparing me for my passion – helping people be healthy by choice™.

I believe that a successful physician-patient relationship is one of mutual respect and open communication so that a partnership can be formed with one mutual goal – the patient’s health and wellbeing.

In addition, I really enjoy collaborating with other healthcare providers to coordinate patient healthcare.

Dr Trudy resides in SW Florida and is married with three children.

She sees new and existing patients for chiropractic and nutritional care at her physical practice in Naples, FL but is also accepting new patients for remote consults, as well.

In her spare time, Dr Trudy enjoys exercising, reading, and travelling.

Media Kit

Dr. Trudy Moon Eisel

healthy by choice™

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