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"She is fantastic! She has great people skills and technical skills. She keeps my aging body in amazing alignment. Go see Dr. Trudy, if you require nutritional or chiropractic help!"
M Green
“I have visited Dr. Trudy for both chiropractic and nutritional care. She has helped me overcome gastrointestinal problems, and helped me greatly improve my overall health! I highly recommend!"
M. Green
“I've been under chiropractic care since I was 9 years old. Dr Trudy has given me the most complete and comprehensive care I've ever had. Thank you Dr. Trudy.!”
J Wick

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Dr Trudy was a crucial resource during my pregnancy and postpartum care. She helped me with prenatal supplements which reduced some inconvenient pregnancy 'symptoms' like morning sickness and melasma naturally. After the birth, she was an integral part of establishing a good milk supply with regular adjustments and nutritional supplements. Now that my son is one, she also assists with dietary advice and has recommended supplements to ensure his immune system is strong. Thanks Dr Trudy!
A Lee
My family and I have been patients of Dr. Trudy Moon Eisel for 7 years now. She has helped us tremendously through neck, back, and hip issues. She has also helped during both of my pregnancies with severe back pain and assistance with getting my baby to flip into the proper position for delivery. I highly recommend her for any of your chiropractic needs!
Samantha H
I have been a patient of Dr. Trudy Moon Eisel's for almost 20 years. She has helped me (and my family) through a neck injury, three challenging pregnancies, hormone and diet issues, a fall and subsequent hosptial stay, as well as regular chiropractic and overall health care. I have personally recommended Dr. Trudy to several friends and family members. Her professionalism, knowledge, continued education in her field, as well as the attentive patient care she provides is unparalleled.
Wendy Quinn
Dr. Trudy Moon is amazing. She was the only person I trusted while I was pregnant with my 3rd children and recently she has helped me with my TMJ. She takes the time to talk to you and really figure out what the problem is. I get so much out of every visit. Staff is always wonderful too. Super helpful and friendly.
Colleen M
Dr Trudy "cured" my husband's severe back and hip pain, and recently also treated him for an acute shoulder injury. When I was pregnant, the baby was facing the wrong way and she was able to turn her inside me so I could avoid a c section. This woman is well educated, SO intelligent and wise, intuitive, kind and just a real firecracker. We love her and this practice. Easy scheduling, great front office staff. Without insurance, I still only pay $50 a session and she's worth EVERY penny. GO!
Judy Huntley
I have been a patient of Dr Trudy's for almost a year. When I first went to her I had severe back back and was not able to walk without support. Dr Trudy starting treating me and the adjustments along with following her direction on stretching, etc. was "life-saving". I cannot say enough good things about Dr Trudy and Moon Chiropractic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Scott Grigg
Dr. Trudy Moon has supported me nutritionally for years now. She has helped me through issues with anemia and hormone regulation, allowing me to have two healthy pregnancies. During those pregnancies, she made sure baby and I were receiving the nutrients we needed to thrive and feel our best. After birth, she educated me on proper baby handling techniques and other immensely helpful information throughout my nursing and postpartum journey. I’ve told my husband I will only go through a pregnancy if I am supported by Dr. Moon’s expertise. She keeps my toddler in optimal health with her holistic approach through functional nutrition. She is an exceptionally knowledgeable and personable practitioner and I know my family’s quality of life has been enhanced by being her patients.
L. Grady