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Being raised in a chiropractic family, it was engrained in me from a young age to be observant of people and notice details like their posture, behavior, habits, and the role they play in health– or lack of it.
I am grateful for the wisdom my father, Dr. George Moon, shared with me and believe it had an integral role in preparing me for my passion – helping people be healthy by choice™. I believe that a successful physician-patient relationship is one of mutual respect and open communication so that a partnership can be formed with one mutual goal – the patient’s health and wellbeing. In addition, I really enjoy collaborating with other healthcare providers to coordinate patient healthcare. Dr Trudy resides in SW Florida and is married with three children. She sees new and existing patients for chiropractic and nutritional care at her physical practice in Naples, FL but is also accepting new patients for remote consults, as well. In her spare time, Dr Trudy enjoys exercising, reading, and travelling.


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healthy by choice™ offers the following functional and integrative medicine services.
Trudy Moon Eisel Wellness

Many individuals feel good currently but are in search for more preventative measures for their future. A comprehensive review of diet, exercise, sleep, lifestyle, and nutrient needs should be completed on an annual basis, at minimum. At this time, health goals are discussed and a comprehensive plan to achieve them is mapped out. Each year of age comes with new challenges to our health. Its crucial to be ready by being proactive, rather than reactive. These evaluations may be completed both in office and remotely.

Trudy Moon Eisel Functional Medicine

The functional medicine approach allows us to use clinical nutrition science to examine, identify, and address the root cause of disease. Often an illness is preemptively assumed without consideration to other body systems that may play a role in the potential disease. Factors of influence may include our individual genes, environment, lifestyle, diet, and sleep. These consultations may be completed both in office and remotely.

Laboratory Services & Diagnostic Testing

Samples of blood, urine, saliva, or stool may be tested in order to assess: digestive function, allergies, hormone balance, thyroid balance, adrenal status, environmental toxicity, bone resorption, blood sugar, methylation process, vitamin/mineral status, and genetics - just to name a few.

Trudy Moon Eisel Chiropractor

For over 125 years, chiropractic physicians have specialized in natural, non-invasive health care. Spinal health directly impacts the function of the nervous system and all organs it innervates. The chiropractic adjustment is used to restore both structural and neurological integrity. In addition, some conditions may benefit from therapies such as spinal traction, therapeutic exercises, and laser therapy amongst others.


“Encouraging healthy choices through education and empowerment”

Dr. Trudy Moon Eisel

IFM Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Functional Medicine is the future of medicine. It seeks the underlying causes of a disease or ailment and views the body as one cohesive system instead of isolated organs or individual systems.
In order to learn more, visit The Institute for Functional Medicine here.
Certified IFM Health Practitioner

Essentially, Functional Medicine physicians partner with their patients to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health by evaluating their genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and predisposition towards disease.

As a general population, there is a steep increasing trend of chronic life altering disease. The current healthcare strategy is to treat the issue directly reactively.

Alternatively, Functional Medicine offers a patient centered approach to healthcare that focuses on the origins, prevention, and treatment of disease for the whole patient and not just an affected area.

Functional Treatments may include laboratory testing, prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, and stress-management techniques.

Dr. Trudy Moon
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Dr. Trudy Moon Eisel

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Certified IFM Health Practitioner
International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists
American Chiropractic Association
Florida Chiropractic Association
Sacro-Occipital Research Society International
International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


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"She is fantastic! She has great people skills and technical skills. She keeps my aging body in amazing alignment. Go see Dr. Trudy, if you require nutritional or chiropractic help!"
M Green
“I have visited Dr. Trudy for both chiropractic and nutritional care. She has helped me overcome gastrointestinal problems, and helped me greatly improve my overall health! I highly recommend!"
M. Green
“I've been under chiropractic care since I was 9 years old. Dr Trudy has given me the most complete and comprehensive care I've ever had. Thank you Dr. Trudy.!”
J Wick
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